Direct Sales Success Course by CEO of Me

The Direct Sales Success Course is now part of the
Premium Membership in my Direct Sales Success Club!

Premium Membership in the Success Club is for you if:

  • You are ready to work smarter, not harder and make more money in less time in your direct sales or party plan business.
  • You are you tired of struggling & trying to figure out things as you go and learning the hard way.
  • You want to be able to achieve the levels of success you see other consultants reaching because you know in your heart that you are capable of accomplishing more than what you are right now.
  • ​You want to step into leadership and change your financial future by also impacting the lives of others.
  • You would like to learn how to better balance your home business and your busy life and manage your time and finances better.
  • ​You would like the support of a Business Success Coach & Small Group mastermind of others who have similar goals & ambitions to encourage, inspire, further your learning & help hold you accountable as you work to reach your goals and dreams.

This 8 Week Online Course will teach you:

  • How to develop the mindset of a successful entrepreneur so you can overcome challenges and work your business like a business
  • How to set up a schedule, create and implement systems for success that allow you to work less and make more $.
  • How to create an authentic brand and become a master at marketing your business in your local market and online in social media without being pushy.
  • The exact steps you can take to easily date parties, have a fully booked calendar every month and customers calling you with orders and referrals.
  • How to easily manage your time, schedule & finances like a profitable & responsible business owner.
  • What you need to do at vendor events to get bookings, recruits, sales and explode your business.
  • A simple to follow process that will help you become more confident and be in control of your home, catalog and online parties to boost sales, bookings and recruits & make the party your office.
  • How to build your dream team and the exact steps get new consultants on the fast track to success and promote new leaders.
  • The skills you must develop to be an effective Team Leader and specific systems to implement for training your team.
  • The Must Have Habits you need to develop to be a super successful direct sales consultant.
  • Specific Action Plans and Steps for Success to implement all of the training.
  • Plus much, much more!

About Your Success Coach & Mentor, Misty Kearns

I started my direct sales journey nearly 10 years ago joining just for the discount with no intention of building a business. I did not think I could be successful in sales much less as a leader. I am an introvert from a small town & at that time in my life I had no self confidence. I really thought I would just be a happy "kitnapper" and enjoy getting my products at a discount for a while.

Three months later I lost my full time job.  I was single, 25 years old living on my own with no money in savings. I quickly piled up massive debt using credit cards to pay bills and fell into a depression. I knew I wanted more for my life but had no idea direct sales could open up the door to so many possibilities.

A couple months later I decided to dive into the business & give it a try until I figured out what I was going to do. I realized that direct sales was a great fit for me & I was able to replace my full time income in less than 6 months! I quickly moved up the ranks in my company & consistently placed in the Top 20 Directors for my Region & in the US.

Direct sales offers so many rewards beyond an income & recognition. While I have earned free trips, the keys & title to my own convertible & more prizes than I can remember, gaining self worth & confidence and being able to live life on my terms has been life-changing! The best rewards have been the friendships I have gained & getting to help others reach their potential.

My true passion is empowering & teaching others how to build their own successful business. After being a Top Leader with my company for many years, I decided to become a Success Coach to help other direct sales professionals reach their goals and dreams too.

My training and coaching is all built upon developing the mindset of success, implementing systems that help you work smarter and being an authentic marketer. I believe in servant leadership & empowering others to reach their goals. I don't believe in being pushy or fake - in sales or in my coaching. Nice girls (and boys) can be successful too! I do my best to personally connect with each person who joins my programs & help those who are in the CEO of Me community. It would be my privilege to work with you & train you on the same systems, strategies and tools I have used to be so successful, organized and in control of my life & business.

When you register for my Success Course you'll get access to exclusive training in an easy to follow online course that will allow you to learn and implement the same methods I have used to build my own successful business.  Each Module features 3-4 video lessons, a helpful workbook, affirmation images & step by step action & implementation plans. You will also get to schedule a live 1 on 1 coaching session / business planning session with me during the 8 weeks of the course. You can email me anytime for mentoring & support! I am here to help you as you go through the course.  

You can continue your learning with your 12 Month Membership to my Success Club which is included as a free bonus for registering for the course. Having a monthly webinar training and check in from me for the next 12 months will help hold you accountable & on track to building your own successful business. We have a supportive group of others who have similar goals that you will be going through the course with that offer encouragement, ideas & support as you learn to implement these success strategies and systems. Plus you will receive my popular printable Direct Sales Success Planner system for FREE too which will help you get everything organized!

I cannot wait to help you turn your direct sales business into the vehicle that gets you the other side of your dreams. Go ahead & register for the course now. You will make your investment back with the commission from just TWO parties! Your dreams are waiting on you!

How the Course works:

  • The Direct Sales & Party Plan Success Course is an 8 Week Online Course designed to give you the step by step tools, training and support to be able to take you & your business from stressful and overwhelming to organized and confident.
  • Each week covers a different Module of content through recorded training videos, workbooks, bonus resources & step by step action plans.
  • Each Monday you will receive an email with the links for that week/module's videos & worksheets & motivation for the week.
  • On Wednesday you will receive an email with additional training, encouragement & the schedule for the next live office hours with your Success Coach, Misty Kearns.
  • On Friday you will receive an email with an video & action plan to implement what you have learned from the Module. Learning is great but I want you to be able to actually put the training into action and get results.
  • Each Module also has a Bonus Resource section with even more videos, books, articles and tools you can use.
  • Course participants will have access to coaching, support and mentoring with me via email anytime.
  • You will have lifetime access to all of the training in the course so you can go back and reference or access any of the templates, training videos and documents anytime!
  • If you will commit 1 hour a day 3 days a week or 30 minutes a day 5 days a week to spend on this course during these 8 weeks you will be able to complete the training and start taking action that produces results in your business OR you can go at your own pace and finish faster or take more time.
  • All the training is recorded so you can go through the course at your own pace OR go through each Module 1 week at a time with the rest of those taking the course. If you get behind or need to go back and revisit a module you can, the important thing is that you finish the course and learn how to implement the training, not how fast you complete everything.

Week 1
The CEO of Me® Mindset

•Video 1 - Planning for Success (Controlling Your Calendar, Initial Systems Set Up, Working Smarter)
•Video 2 - Developing The Mindset of a CEO of Me® (Overcoming fear, obstacles and learning to think & act like a CEO of Me.)
•Video 3 – Creating Your Vision for your Life & Business
•Video 4 – Creating & Implementing Your Business Action Plan
•Handouts, Resources, Templates & Action Plan for Success

Week 2
Marketing & Customer Service

•Video 1 – Authentic Marketing & Branding Strategies for Direct Sellers that works
•Video 2 – Stellar Customer Service & How to Build Long Term Relationships for repeat business & referrals
•Video 3 – Marketing Your Business in Person & 1 on 1
Video 4 - Marketing Your Business in your Local Area
•Handouts, Resources, Templates & Action Plan for Success

Week 3
Social Media & Blogging

•Video 1 – Social Media Platforms, Strategies & Technical Tips to take you from Beginner to Pro
•Video 2 – How to increase engagement, build relationships, get new leads & better results
•Video 3 - Creating your Online Marketing Plan
•Video 4 –  Blogging for your Business - How to Set up, Start A Blog, Create a Content Plan & Grow your business through blogging
•Handouts, Resources, Templates & Action Plan for Success

Week 4
Home, Catalog & Online Parties

•Video 1 – How to be a Party Professional
•Video 2 – How to Date Parties & fill up your calendar the easy, non cheesy way
•Video 3 - Host Coaching for $1000+ Parties
•Video 4 - Home Party Success Strategies
•Video 5 –Online/Virtual/Facebook Party Success Strategies
•Video 6 - Catalog & Other Party Type Strategies

•Handouts, Resources, Templates & Action Plan for Success

Week 5
Vendor & Networking Events

•Video 1 – Vendor Event Basics
•Video 2 – Preparing for your Event (Organizing Tips, Set Up Tips, Booth Layout)
•Video 3 – How to Get HOT Leads & Explode Your Business at Events
•Handouts, Resources, Templates & Action Plan for Success

Week 6

•Video 1 – How to Recruit authentically & effortlessly
•Video 2 – Recruiting at Parties, 1 on 1, Recruiting Interviews & Word Choices + Overcoming Objections
•Video 3 – Opportunity Events, Online Opportunity Events & Recorded Opportunity Videos + Online Recruiting Tips
•Video 4 – How to Set Your Recruit up for Success from the Start
•Handouts, Resources, Templates & Action Plan for Success

Week 7
Team Leadership

• Video 1 - Developing Leadership Skills
• Video 2 - Team Incentive & Training Systems
• Video 3 - Balancing your Growing Team & Business
•Handouts, Resources, Templates & Action Plan for Success

Week 8
Systems & Next Steps to Success

•Video 1 – Developing the Habits of Highly Successful Direct Sales Consultants
•Video 2 – Setting up Systems & Organizing Your Business
•Video 3 – Next steps to take for continued success
•Handouts, Resources, Templates & Action Plan for Success

Members Only
Private Facebook Group

•Enjoy additional coaching, training, support and resources in our members only Facebook group.
•You will also have access to 1 on 1 coaching with Misty via email during the course.

To help you continue to implement these success strategies, enjoy additional support & training for a whole year, you will also receive all the benefits of being a monthly basic member of my Direct Sales Success Club for 12 months too!

Success Club Members are empowered every month with:

Accountability, Networking
& Support

Members enjoy support & accountability from me (Misty) & their fellow Success Club Members through Weekly Accountability Partners, an exclusive Member's Only Facebook Group & a Monthly Online Social. I (Misty) am very active in the Member's Group & available for 1 on 1 support through email & FB messaging.


Each month you will receive a different (digital) Business Building Bundle that includes a Monthly Planning, Focus & Goal Worksheets, Marketing Ideas including 37+ content posts for social media, blogging & in person marketing plus 20 Graphic Images & other tools and printables that you can use to help grow, organize & promote your business online & in person!

Monthly Webinar
Training & Online Social Event

You will enjoy a 1 hour training on a different aspect of our business each month to help you take your business to the top! We also hold a fun networking event online each month for members to share ideas & connect. Webinars are recorded & available to watch later if you cannot attend live. Additional live and recorded training is shared by Misty during the month on different topics too.

Book Club

Members can also participate in an optional Monthly Book Club. Each month we choose a different book that relates to a business or personal development topic and have weekly discussions on the book & how to apply what we have read/learned to our businesses.

Archives &

As a member you will also get access to the archives of past webinar recordings,  past month's business business packages & printables as well as bonus templates and tools from time to time.


Free listing in our Member Directory / Find a Consultant Directory. These Consultant Locator is available for the public and promoted online. Success Club Members receive a premium listing for free. 

Members also receive 2 amazing business building bonuses upon joining at no extra cost!

Bonus # 1 - ($57 value)
My printable CEO of Me Success Planner
& Systems Training Video so you can start implementing systems & get organized immediately.

Bonus # 2 - ($47 value)
Access to my Creating your Success M.A.P. & Business Plan Training Video & Workbook to help you create a plan to turn your goals and dreams into a business that gets results! 

What makes Premium Membership & this course different from other programs?

  1. The content. There really is not another course like this one available for direct sales & party plan consultants online or offline. You will have lifetime access to over 18 hours of recorded training videos, nearly 80 pages of handouts, business templates and tools. You can go at your own pace each week and go back and access any of the training later on as the videos are recorded and the content is available in your member account as soon as the course starts. 
  2. The focus on aligning your personal goals, mindset & values with your business goals & mindset.  You can learn everything you want to about business, selling, organization and making money but if you do not do the work to get in the right mindset and overcome potential blocks and self-sabotages, you will never reach your goals. The Success Club focuses on mindset, being authentic and creating systems for success in everything that you do because we believe that it is about much more than what you achieve in your business.
  3. The value. Over $800 worth of video and written training, templates, tools and business materials for  the investment of your earnings from just three parties. The popular CEO of Me® Direct Sales Success Planner, Creating Your Business MAP & Plan Training and a full 1 year membership in the Direct Sales Success Club are also included! (another $282 value!) You will also get a 1 on 1 Business Planning/Strategy session with me (Misty) which is another $150 value as a bonus.
  4. The step by step action plans. You won't be overwhelmed with all the awesome information because you will be equipped with action plans and steps for success in every Module and each essential business topic.
  5. The coaching. I have nearly 10 years experience as a Top Leader in her Direct Sales Company. I am passionate about empowering others to dream bigger, work smarter and live better. I am ready to share my secrets to success with you and will be available to answer your questions via email and  in the Facebook group. Plus, we will work together for a 1 hour, 1 on 1 Business Planning Coaching Session that you can schedule during your 8 weeks in the course. I no longer offer 1 on 1 coaching except to those taking the course and I limit the # of participants each month to make sure all those taking the course get plenty of support from me when they need it.  I believe in servant leadership & empowering others to success.  I will encourage you and challenge you to overcome your obstacles and utilize your strengths but I will never be pushy, aggressive or degrade you.
  6. The support. You will not be going through this course on your own. You will be part of a group of like-minded direct sales & party plan entrepreneurs who are focused on growing their business and supporting each other. You will continue to gain support and business building training throughout the year with your Success Club Membership. The connections and accountability are invaluable!
  7. Additional Perks & Benefits.  Premium Members will also receive access to all future Modules I release as long as they are a paid, current member. This is an additional $150-$400 value annually.  You will also receive a special surprise gift upon completing the 8 week course. Plus premium members get 50% off all future membership renewals! 

What a few of my premium members have to say:

This course has had an immense impact on my business. I feel like I have a plan of action in my business and I can move forward in growth mode. I am so very grateful to Misty for her straight forward, thinking of every detail, course. She is amazing!! - M.R. - Wine Shop at Home

This course has had an immense impact on my business. I feel like I have a plan of action in my business and I can move forward in growth mode...

I love Mistys Coaching, she is the best... Honestly, I had looked at so many people before I decided on Misty and I could not have given my money to a more professional and deserving company/person. CEO of Me is pure genius, distilled into beginner 101 for the rest of us! Thank you Misty! - Celeste Eden, Color by Amber Premiere Managing Director

CEO of Me is pure genius distilled into a beginner's 101 for the rest of us...

I reached out to Misty because of her focus on implementing systems so my team leaders & I could learn how to improve our business and team systems. We all love the training and are using the new systems we are learning and the Success Planner to help keep us organized. Lisa Eriksson, Jamberry Executive Elite Leader

We love the systems training and how it helping us be more organized as leaders...

The training and step by step implementation plans you offer in the course are some of the best I have experienced in all my years in direct sales. I love the emphasis on mindset throughout each module and how you encourage being authentic and non-pushy. I look forward to referencing this training and the tools provided as I continue to grow my business. This course is easily worth triple what you are charging for it. G.C., Young Living Independent Distributor

I love the emphasis on mindset and being non-pushy. This course was well worth triple what I paid for it... 

This class was so valuable! I learned so many helpful tips for my business that I haven't heard anywhere else. - M.E., Usborne Books

I learned so many tips for my business that I haven't heard anywhere else!

I love with your training! Not only do you give practical advice, you go over the big picture and then the details. I have been devouring it! - R.M.

Not only do you give practical advice, you go over the big picture then give all the details...

I can't get enough of this training! I am so glad that it I have lifetime access so I can go through it a little each week or go back to previous modules when I need a refresher. I like that you are an introvert too and have been able to be so successful. I feel like you understand me and the challenges I face and are guiding me to overcome them so I can reach the goals and idea of what success is to me. Thank you! - K.S., Tupperware Ind. Director

I feel like you understand me and the challenges I face and are guiding me to overcome them to I can reach my goals and what my idea of success is for me... 

I'm in! How do I get started?

Yay!!! I am so excited you have decided to join. I cannot wait to connect with you & help you!

To get started, choose the payment option that works best for you below. Upon registering, you will get immediate access to all the basic Success Club membership benefits & training plus the printable Success Planner download & our awesome Member's Only Facebook Group.

Our next Class for the 8 Week Course kicks off May 30.  On May 28 you'll be added to our June-July Class & get access to all the training in the 8 week course to go through at your own pace.  

Don't worry you will have plenty of training, tools & support to dive into while you wait for the 8 week class to start between getting your Success Planner system all set up & systems ready and completing the Creating your Success M.A.P. & Business Plan Training and all the additional support in our Member's only Facebook Group.​

Register now for your Premium Membership & Receive:

- Lifetime Access to the 8 Week Direct Sales Success Course Content ($697 value)
- 12 Months Success Club Membership ($188 value)
-Printable Success Planner System + Systems Training ($57 value)
- Creating Your Business M.A.P. & Success Plan Training ($47 value)
-Small Group Coaching Sessions with Misty & others in Course 4-6 times during the year - ($400 value)
-and a 1 on 1 Business Planning/Strategy Session with Misty ($150 value)

Over $1600 of Training, Tools & Support for only $497!  Now only $397!

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