Building your own successful direct sales business

doesn't have to be overwhelming & stressful.

I'm Misty Kearns, Direct Sales Success Coach.

I can help you shift from struggling to confident.

Let me show you how to work smarter & get more results

by developing the mindset of success, attracting leads

through authentic marketing & implementing systems.

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Hey there friend, do these thoughts ever run through your mind?

  • I'm so tired of doing things the hard way & struggling to learn everything on my own...
  • I wish someone could just tell what to do, when, where and how so I can get my business, team & life organized and balanced...
  • If only I were more confident, outgoing or organized, I could be more successful... 
  • I don't want people to think I'm being pushy or fake or just trying to get them to buy something. I want to be able to be myself, share the products I love and talk to people confidently... 
  • I would love to find a group of other direct sellers who have similar goals that can support, encourage and share ideas with me..
  • It would be amazing if I had a mentor that is experienced, genuine, caring and available for me to connect with, ask questions and learn from their experience... 
  • I want to work my business more like a business and make more money without having to sacrifice all my free time...
  • I want more for my life and my business, I want to help people, make a difference and have something I am proud of, but I just don't know how to get it all together in my business & life to achieve my dreams...

I've been there, so I understand and I want to tell you that YOU can
have all the success you are dreaming of without all the stress...

Pull up a chair & let me tell you the short version of a long (but amazing & true) story. I'm Misty Kearns, I'm an introvert from a small southern town who started in direct sales 10 years ago for the discount with no intention of building a business. 3 months later I lost my full time job. I did not want to go back to the corporate world so until I figured out what I was going to do with my life, I decided to work my direct sales business. I was deep in debt and not sure what was going to happen, but I knew I wanted something more for my life & a career I could be passionate about.

After diving into the business, I realized how amazing having a direct sales business can be & my life was forever changed! I was able to replace my full time income in less than 6 months. A few months later, I earned my first free trip to Hawaii, then another year later the keys & title to my own convertible!  Before I knew it, I was being recognized on stage as the #17 Director in the US & Canada for 2008-2009. As a top leader, I consistently placed in the top 20 Directors for my Region and earned all kinds of prizes. I had never experienced recognition, friendships, confidence or an income like that before. 

Here's the thing though, you see direct sales is about SO much more than the income & prizes. It is about using what you gain from the business to help you reach your goals and make a difference in other's lives. That is the best reward of it all!  I have loved getting to be my own boss & working on my own schedule. I am passionate about empowering others to be more confident, authentic & successful. Now as a Success Coach, I get to help even more people, like YOU!

My training and coaching is all built upon developing the mindset of success, learning & implementing systems for success and becoming an authentic marketer. I believe in servant leadership & empowering others to reach their goals. I don't believe in being pushy or fake - in sales or in my coaching. Nice girls (and boys) can be successful too! I do my best to personally connect with each person who joins my programs & help those who are in the CEO of Me community. It would be my privilege to work with you & train you on the same systems, strategies and tools I have used to be so successful, organized and in control of my life & business. Go ahead and register for my FREE 8 Day Online Mini Success Course. If you are ready to dive in and work with me and our amazing Direct Sales Success Club Members, then become a member or register for one of my courses below. I can't wait to get to help you work smarter, become more authentic and enjoy more results! Your dreams are waiting on you, so let's do this!


*You will receive 1 email each day for 8 days.  Check your spam folder & promotions tab.



CEO of Me Direct Sales Success Club




CEO of Me Direct Sales Success Club


Here's what some of my awesome members have to say:

Misty has exceeded my expectations once again! My planner is helping me get organized and stop procrastinating. The party and vendor lists are great, it has items that I hadn't thought of. Love it!  - Tricia Clements, Dezi Roo

What I enjoy most about working with Misty is how down to earth she is and how she makes herself available to answer questions, give support and advice to everyone in the club and course. I have been in other direct sales membership programs and the coaches have never been that supportive or 1 on 1 with me.  Sara S.

Misty's Success Club is amazing!! It's helped me out of my marketing comfort zone and helped me put things in order with systems that make sense taking a lot of the stress away..The Success Planner is an excellent resource and the monthly biz bundles keep me focused every day...Misty is like having my own personal coach and the FB Group is a fabulous community helping each's just what I was looking for!! - Staci Mead, Just Jewelry

My gratitude today is that I met Misty. I've worked with lots of trainers in my many many years of direct sales. Misty is the first one who I know without a doubt knows who I am and I'm not just a number in her group. Thank you Misty for being you! - Karen Thompson, Ind. Norwex Consultant

I reached out to Misty because of her focus on implementing systems so my team leaders & I could learn how to improve our business and team systems. We all love the training and are using the new systems we are learning and the Success Planner to help keep us organized. - Lisa Eriksson, Jamberry Elite Exec. Director

The (success) planner helps me stay organized because I can print & arrange it according to my needs. My wine tasting events are more fun because I can keep track of what themes I have used, wines & pairings we have tasted and what really worked to make my tastings super fun. I have actually increased my bookings because I can make my tastings completely different every time & have all my repeat guests & hostesses (there are MANY MANY repeat guests & hostesses) "wowed" every time! I am so happy I found this site & planner!!! Laurie S. - Traveling Vineyard

Thank you, Misty, for this invaluable training (in the Mastermind). I learned so many tips that I can start using immediately to grow my business. I have so much more confidence that I can succeed now. You gave me a solid action plan to follow for both personal and professional development. - A.M., Jamberry

Misty is an awesome person and she loves to share ideas and helpful suggestions that can grow your business. She speaks from experience and shares what worked for her and comes up with plenty of new ideas to keep things fresh and keep you motivated. - Debra Chambers, AVON

I was ready to start expanding my business just as I joined Misty's Success Club. The training, ideas, accountability and learning I am not alone came at just the right time. I have a VERY small business. My plan for 2017 was to double my average gross sales. So far I am ahead of schedule! First quarter equaled an average year's gross sales! If I can keep this up, I will double my goal! Thank you to Misty and the whole group! - A.N.

Your dreams are waiting on you...
If you are ready to be more confident, work smarter & get results,
then I'm ready to show you how & support you as you move forward.
Let's do this!



CEO of Me Direct Sales Success Club