CEO of Me Direct Sales Network Marketing Success Club

Misty Kearns
Certified High Performance Coach
& Founder of CEO of Me

My mission as a Success Coach is to empower & encourage direct sellers and network marketers to shift from struggling to confident by improving their mindset, marketing their businesses authentically and working smarter through implementing systems.  

It would be my privilege to work with you and share the exact training, tools, mindsets & systems I used to become a successful top leader in the direct sales industry so you can enjoy the CEO of Me lifestyle too. 

As a member you will enjoy weekly training opportunities, monthly business bundles, access to training archives, support & accountability in our exclusive Member's Group and the chance to participate in monthly personal and business building challenges where you can also win prizes. We would love to have you join and to get to help you as you create your own dream business!

As a Success Club Member you will be empowered every month with:

Business Building Challenges & Monthly Giveaways

Members can participate in a different business building challenge each month based on the month's training topic to help them take action, implement what they are learning and get results! Each challenge includes daily step by step activities AND the chance for participants to win giveaways for business building prizes, gift cards or cash!

Monthly Business
Building Bundle

Each month you will receive a different (digital) Business Building Bundle that includes a Monthly Planning, Focus & Goal Worksheets, Marketing Ideas including 37+ content posts for social media, blogging & in person marketing plus 20 Graphic Images & other tools and printables that you can use to help grow, organize & promote your business online & in person!

Monthly Webinar Training, Office Hours & Online Social Events

You will enjoy 1-2 hours of training on a different aspect of our business each month on a live webinars with Misty (and sometimes guest trainers) each month. We also hold 2 online networking events each month for members to share ideas & connect. Webinars are recorded & available to watch later if you cannot attend live. 

Book Club

Members can also participate in an optional Monthly Book Club. Each month we choose a different book that relates to a business or personal development topic and have weekly discussions on the book & how to apply what we have read/learned to our businesses.

Training Archives &
Printable Tools & Templates

Direct Sales Marketing Templates and Printables

As a member you will also get access to the archives of past webinar recordings,  past month's business business packages & printables  from previous Success Club Bundles & trainings as well as bonus templates and tools from time to time.

Accountability, Networking
& Support

Members enjoy support & accountability from Misty & their fellow Success Club Members in our Private Member's Only Facebook group each day, Weekly Accountability partners & our exclusive  Monthly Online Social Networking Events.

You will receive these awesome bonuses when you join too!

Bonus # 1 - ($57 value)
My printable CEO of Me Success Planner
& Systems Training Video so you can start implementing systems & get organized immediately.

Bonus # 2 - ($47 value)
Access to my Creating your Success M.A.P. & Business Plan Training Video & Workbook to help you create a plan to turn your goals and dreams into a business that gets results! 

Bonus #3: Members also receive my Printable  Marketing Templates Bundles for FREE! This is a new product launching in February but as a Success Club Member you get access right away when you join! ($77 value!)

Direct Sales Marketing Templates and Printables

Take a peek at what we are focusing on and learning this month:

How to Magnify Your Marketing and Find New Leads in Direct Sales

In February training focus will be about Finding & Attracting New Leads for your Business. You will receive training and be able to participate in a 10 day challenge to create systems to gain new leads both online and in person for your business.

The Business Building Bundle includes a Marketing Plan with 40+ marketing ideas, post content & images you can use on social media, blogging, videos and in person marketing too. It also includes a Monthly Focus & Goal Worksheet with Affirmations & Questions to work through to improve your business.

Members can ask questions, network & get coaching & support in our Member's Only Group too. Plus enjoy our amazing monthly Online Social Networking Events. You'll also have the chance to win fun prizes during monthly giveaways too!

What our members are saying:

My gratitude today is that I met Misty. I've worked with lots of trainers in my many many years of direct sales. Misty is the first one who I know without a doubt knows who I am and I'm not just a number in her group. Thank you Misty for being you! It is so easy to market my business consistently with the monthly bundle because you have done all the work for me. THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!! -
Karen Thompson, Norwex Ind. Consultant

(Misty) knows who I am and I'm not just a number in her group...

I love Misty's Coaching, she is the best... Honestly, I had looked at so many people before I decided on Misty and I could not have given my money to a more professional and deserving company/person. CEO of Me is pure genius, distilled into beginner 101 for the rest of us! Thank you Misty! - Celeste Eden, Color by Amber Premiere Managing Director

CEO of Me is pure genius distilled into beginner 101 for the rest of us...

I wanted to tell you that I love your training and will be sharing it with my entire team. I have been through a lot of other direct sales training and spent a lot of money with other trainers and absolutely love what you share and feel like I can connect with you more.
Laurie Greogory, Wine Shop at Home

I have been through a lot of other direct sales training and absolutely love what you share & feel that I can connect with you more...

Misty is an awesome person and she loves to share ideas and helpful suggestions that can grow your business. She speaks from experience and shares what worked for her and comes up with plenty of new ideas to keep things fresh and keep you motivated.
Debra Chambers, AVON Ind. Sales Rep & Advanced Unit Leader

Misty speaks from experience and shares what worked for her & comes up with plenty of new ideas to keep things fresh and keep you motivated...

I love getting the graphics & business builder package every month in the success club! Helps me truly work smarter, not harder and is a great price for what all I get. Thanks so much Misty! - Jess K., Tupperware Independent Consultant

I love getting the business building bundle every month... it helps me truly work smarter and is a great value...

The training and step by step implementation plans you offer is some of the best I have experienced in all my years in direct sales. I love the emphasis on mindset throughout each module and how you encourage being authentic and non-pushy. I look forward to referencing this training and the tools provided as I continue to grow my business. This course is easily worth triple what you are charging for it.  - G.C., Young Living Independent Distributor

I love the emphasis on mindset... and how you encourage us to be authentic.  The training is easily worth triple what you are charging for it...

I reached out to Misty because of her focus on implementing systems so my team leaders & I could learn how to improve our business and team systems. We all love the training and are using the new systems we are learning and the Success Planner to help keep us organized.  Lisa Eriksson, Jamberry Executive Elite Leader

(My team & I) love the training & are using the new systems we are learning... to help keep us organized...

I've been using your monthly post suggestions (from the Business Building Bundle's Marketing Plan) for each day and changing the times I post it to my VIP page. And I just noticed that my views for each post has jumped from only about 13 views to 78 views and interaction has improved too. Which is awesome!!! Thank you for that!!  - Silvia Slutsky, Ind. Thirty One Consultant

Views and interaction in my VIP group have improved significantly since using the monthly marketing plan & post ideas!

More about my success story & mission

Misty Kearns, Success Coach
& Founder of CEO of Me®.

Building your own successful
direct sales business doesn't have to
be stressful or overwhelming.

Join my Direct Sales Success Club and let me help you work smarter & get more results by developing the mindset of success, attracting leads through authentic marketing & relationship building & implementing systems.

I started in direct sales in 2006 for the discount with no intention of building a business. After losing my full time job and not wanting to go back to the corporate world, I decided to dive into the business. I was deep in debt and not sure what was going to happen, but I knew I wanted something more for my life and a career I could be passionate about. I found out I loved direct sales & my life was forever changed! I was able to replace my full time income in less than 6 months & a year after losing that job I earned my first free trip to Hawaii, then the keys & title to my own free convertible! As a top leader, I consistently placed in the top 20 Directors for my Region & even as #17 in the US & Canada for 2008-2009.

Direct Sales is about so much more than the income & prizes though. It is about using what you gain from the business to help you reach your goals and make a difference in other's lives. I have loved getting to be my own boss & am passionate about empowering others to be more confident, authentic & successful.

My true passion is empowering & teaching others how to build their own successful business. After being a Top Leader with my company for many years, I decided to become a Certified High Performance Coach to help other direct sales professionals reach their goals and dreams too.

As a member of my Success Club, you'll get access to exclusive training and the same tools, documents, systems & methods I have used to build my own successful business. Our member's group offers additional support, daily business building ideas & accountability to make sure you stay on track to reaching your goals. Plus you will benefit from a monthly training webinar and have access to contact me via email for 1 on 1 mentoring during the month. I am very hands on with members of my success club. The Monthly Marketing & Action Plans (aka business building bundles) will give you the tools to get organized, plan your work, set goals & word for word content marketing ideas so you can work smarter, not harder.

I love helping other direct sales & party plan consultant learn how to dream bigger, work smarter and live better. I cannot wait to help you turn your direct sales business into the vehicle that gets you the other side of your dreams. So go ahead & join my Success Club now, it's such a small investment for all the value you will get to enjoy.  Your dreams are waiting on you!

Become a member today & enjoy monthly training & support!

Choose Your Option Below & Get Immediate Access to the Success Club Member's Only Training,
Tools & Benefits. Plus Receive your download of the Success Planner & Success M.A.P. Training for FREE
and Access to the NEW Printable Marketing Templates for FREE right away!

If you are looking for more in depth training, 1 on 1 coaching & to develop the mindset & methods of top leaders & six figure earners, I would love to invite you to learn more about my Mastermind program!

Success Club Basic Membership

Basic Membership is for you if: you are newer to direct sales (or even those who are not so new), are looking for extra support & coaching & would like access to weekly training, accountability, fresh ideas, content, marketing and business planning tool kits every single month, new training & challenges each month and support from me in our Member's Only FB group. You receive a ton of value, training & support as a Basic Member but if you are looking for 1 on 1 Coaching and a step by step training program to move to the next level in your business, then the Mastermind will be the better option for you & your business.

Membership is for 3 month periods and automatically renews every 3 months unless you cancel. You can cancel at anytime before it renews if you decide it's not for you (but there are no refunds on past payments).

Why 3 months & not monthly? Well, it's kind of like a gym membership, if you only join for 1 month you are not going to get as much out of it or see as many results. Having at least a 3 month membership will give you plenty of time to get your Success Systems set up, write your Business Plan and enjoy the training and support in the Member's group to see if the Success Club is right for you and how it can help you grow your business. 

Mastermind Registration

The Mastermind / Online Success Course Program is for you if: you are looking for more 1 on 1 support, you would like a step by step 90 Day training program to move you to the next level in your business, you want to be part of a group of like-minded, goal driven, difference making entrepreneurs, if you are a team leader or aspiring to be a team leader, if you desire to see big shifts in your life and business and are ready to take action & step into the role of CEO of Me. 

As a Mastermind member you will have access to an exclusive FB group & live Group Coaching Sessions with me every 3 weeks.

You will receive a FREE 12 Month Membership in my Success Club & then 50% future renewals for your Success Club Membership too! Plus access to my Virtual Party Training, Bookings Training & soon to be released WordPress/Blogging Training.

The Success Mastermind is the absolute best & most thorough program I have to offer. I share all my methods, strategies, mindset tools  & give you direct feedback on your activities and progress. We focus on implementing and not just learning. Those who complete it have seen massive shifts in their personal and business development. 

Renews Every 3 Months

  • Monthly Business Building Bundle with Planning Pages, Marketing Plan, Social Media Post Ideas + Images
  • Monthly Training Webinar
  • Monthly Q & A Webinar with Misty
  • Bi-Weekly Member's Online Social Events
  • Member's Only FB Group
  • Support from Misty in the Member's Group
  • Weekly Training, Business Building Ideas, Networking & Support in the Member's Group
  • Access to Training Archives
  • Entered to win Monthly Giveaways
  • BONUS: Printable Success Planner System ($57 value)
  •  BONUS: Printable Biz Marketing Templates ($77 value)
  • BONUS: How to Create Your Business M.A.P. Training Mini Course ($47 value) 

$77 every 3 months

That's less than  $26 a month!

Automatic Recurring Membership.
Cancel Anytime.
No refunds on past payments.

Includes 1 Year Club Membership

  • 90 Day  Success Mastermind Course Access
    (Lifetime Access) ($800 value
  • Access & opportunity to go through any future 90 Day Live Mastermind / course rounds as needed for no additional cost! ($Massive Value)
  • 15+ Live Group Coaching Calls with Misty during the year as part of the Mastermind
  • 1 on 1 Email Support from Misty during the 90 Day Course
  • Special Bonus Gift Upon your first time Completing the 90 Day Course
  • BONUS: Online/Facebook Party Training Course for free ($97 value)
  • BONUS: Bookings Training Course for free ($37 value)
  • BONUS: WordPress/Blogging Training Course for free ($197 value) Releasing in Feb 2017
  • BONUS: FREE ​12 Months Basic Success Club Membership ($228 value) including:
  • Monthly Biz Builder Bundle
  • Monthly Training Webinar
  • Monthly Q & A Webinar with Misty
  • Bi-Weekly Member's Online Social Events
  • Member's Only FB Group
  • Support from Misty in the Member's Group
  • Weekly Business Building Ideas, Networking & Support in the Member's Group
  • Email Support from Misty
  • Access to Training Archives
  • Listing in Online Directory
  • Enter to win Monthly Giveaways
  • ​Discounted renewal rate for future years in the Success Club (50% savings annually)
  • ​ BONUS: Printable Success Planner System ($57 value)
  • BONUS: Printable Marketing Templates ($77 value)
  • BONUS: How to Create  Your Business M.A.P. Training Mini Course ($47 value!