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Direct Sales Success Course 90 Day Training + Implementation Program by CEO of Me

Registration & Access to this FREE Training ends Jan 31!

FREE 2017 Direct Sales Success Planathon

Register for my FREE Planathon so you can go into 2017 with a solid action plan for your business and feel confident and capable to reach your goals.  You'll receive access to 8 days of training (almost 6 hours of videos) and my amazing Best Life & Business Planning Workbook plus additional support and resources in our FB Group. We will also be doing weekly giveaways and lots of bonus training during December & January. Let's make 2017 your year!

Direct Sales Success Course 90 Day Training + Implementation Program by CEO of Me

A 12 Month Success Club Membership, the Success Planner System & Online Party Training Course are Included as Bonuses with your Registration!


The Direct Sales & Party Plan Success Course is an 90 Day program designed to give you the step by step tools, training and support to be able to take you & your business from stressful and overwhelming to organized and confident. It is MUCH more than just a lot of training and information though. We take things a step further by actually giving you step by step plans, direction, support & feedback to implement each of the Module's training into your own life & business. All weekly videos are recorded (transcripts & MP3 downloads are also available) so you can go through the training & workbooks at your own pace. There are 4 live group coaching calls with Misty during the 90 days where you can get 1 on 1 coaching, learn from others & get help with implementing any of the training. You will also be part of a supportive FB group where you will enjoy additional training, daily business building prompts, support, encouragement & celebration as you go through the course.

Direct Sales Success Course by CEO of Me


It's time to rock your online parties! In this online training course I'm spilling all my secrets and giving you step by step plans, checklists & tools so you can have bigger, better (and more fun) Online/Virtual parties in less time without all the stress! This online course includes over 3 hours of video training, a workbook with checklists, planning pages, templates & tools to help you create your own successful online party system. Plus access to bonus training on marketing, host coaching, pre-made images you can customize and training on how to create and edit your own images and videos.You will learn everything you need to do to have successful online/virtual partiesfrom start to finish. My 10 Easy, Non Cheesy Bookings Training is included for FREE too!

Direct Saless Success System Planner by CEO of Me - Get 5 Different Designs, 110+ Planning Pages & Worksheets, Systems Training Course + More!


Get access to my printable Direct Sales Success Planner & my Systems for Success Training Video Series where I will walk you through how to get your business organized, create a schedule that works for you, implement simple systems that save you time and help you work your business like a CEO of Me. Includes access to 5 different designs and the 1 Hour Training Video.

Direct Sales Success Course by CEO of Me


30 Minute Training Video on 10 Different Easy, Fun & Non-Cheesy ways to get bookings including a workbook with additional tips, sample dating scripts, instructions for 5 Non-Cheesy but super effective and fun Dating Games & Demo’s for Home AND Online Parties, images & signs you can use, drawing lead slip template, host challenge template, plus more tips & training.

Direct Sales Success Course by CEO of Me


Building a successful direct sales business doesn't have to be stressful and overwhelming. Learn how to work smarter and get better results in my FREE 8 Day Direct Sales Mini Course. I'll share How to Run Your Business like a Business & Develop the Mindset of Success, What you need to do to master Authentic Marketing & Branding- in person & online, How to have bigger, better, less stressful parties, Where to find H.O.T. leads for hosts, recruits & new customers, How to attract the right Recruits to join your team, How to become a Leader worth Following and 3 Key Systems & 7 Habits you need to implement. Your dreams (and your dream business) are waiting on you. Sign up now for access to this FREE online training course!